Announcement: Free Lotto System 8

The Lotto System 8 …

A Full Lotto System 8 requires you to play 28 games – that is how many different 6 number combinations there are in 8 numbers.

However, there are some good alternatives to the full lotto system 8.  The first of these is a very cost-effective lottery system, and this is the one we give you for free.

In just 4 games, this modified free lotto system 8 still gives you two guarantees.

1.  By playing our 8 numbers as 4 pairs, if any 3 pairs contain the 6 winning lotto numbers – then you have First Prize!

2.  However, the manner in which we arrange the games also guarantees that no matter where the 6 winning lotto numbers appear in your 8 chosen numbers – At Least 5 winning lotto numbers will be together, and of course there is a 1 in 3 chance of all 6 winning lotto numbers.

In addition, if you have only 4 winning lotto numbers, if they are in two or three pairs, then all 4 winning numbers will be together.  All this in ONE Free lotto system 8 that requires only 4 games!

To get your Free Lotto System 8, simply sign up at the top right.

We will send you one new lotto system each week (You can cancel at any time).  Your first free lotto system will be this 4-game lotto system for 8 numbers.  Next week, we will send you a free lotto system for 9 numbers, the week after, a free lotto system for 10 numbers, and so on.

There are other options for modifying the full lotto system 8.

An arrangement of all 8 numbers to guarantee that if you have just 4 winning numbers they will definitely be together requires just 7 of the 28 games.

Taking it a step further, arranging all 8 numbers so that if you have just 5 winning numbers they will all be together in at least 1 line requires just 12 of the 28 games.

In terms of a lotto strategy, I personally prefer to play TWO sets of 8 numbers with this 5-from-5 guarantee, rather than ONE full lotto system 8.

Check out our Free Lotto System 9 too.

However you choose to play, Good Luck with your lotto system 8!

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Announcement: Free Lotto System 9

Free Lotto System 9 …

As with the system 8 above, there are great cut-price alternatives to a Lotto System 9.  A full Lotto System 9 requires 84 games, which is stretching the budget for most people.

Your Modified Free Lotto System 9 requires just 3 games and has a great guarantee – You will be amazed at how simple this is.

To get your Free Lotto System 9, simply sign up at the top right.

Now, like the 4-game lotto system 8, this 3-game free lotto system 9 has a Smart Way to Play and a Dumb Way to Play.  Your free Special Report shows you the key to the success of this system.

Amazingly, even with just 3 of the 84 games for a full system 9, there are TWO Guarantees.  These are:

1.  If 2 of 3 Trios include the 6 winning numbers, you have First Prize.

2.  No matter where your 6 winning numbers fall, 4 or more will be together.

One of my Lotto Goals is to win First Prize – obviously!  Another, equally important, Lotto Goal is to win a prize of some kind as often as I can.  Now think about the two guarantees above – they target both of these lotto goals.  At only 3 games, even a minimum prize means I make a profit that week.

If you play a lottery that pays out on 3 numbers, then this free lotto system 9 is a great way to play.  With just 4 winning numbers, you are guaranteed at least 3 of the 4 together and hence a payout.  If you only trap 3 winning lotto numbers in your 9, there is a 2-in-3 chance they will be together.

Similarly, if you trap 6 winning lotto numbers in your 9, there is a 2-in-3 chance that 5 or more will be together.

And this 3-game Lotto System 9 is yours absolutely free – Add your email at top right and it will be in your Inbox in one week.

What else can you do with 9 numbers?

To absolutely guarantee at least 5 numbers together from any 6 requires only 7 of the 84 games in a full lotto system 9.

If you only have 4 winning lotto numbers, then to absolutely guarantee they will all be together in at least 1 line   requires just 12 of the 84 games in a full lotto system 9.  To guarantee getting 5 numbers and having them all line up is beginning to get expensive – 30 games.

Can you see how all of these approaches are a very cost-effective way to play 9 numbers, rather than the 84 numbers in a Full lotto system 9?  And it gets even better when you know the secret lotto STRATEGY revealed in your free report that you need to apply to your lotto system!

LOTTO TIP: Always register your entry.  What if you won $20Mill – and LOST the winning ticket?

Quote:  “As the winning entry was not bought using a registered card, NSW Lotteries has no way of contacting the winner.”

Sign up now for your Free Lotto System 9 in just 3 games!

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Announcement: Free Lotto System 10

The Lotto System 10 …

A full lotto system 10 requires 210 games – that is a lot of money in anyone’s terms.

But, the free lotto system 10 you get in week 2 could well be the best lotto system on the planet!  I use this one a lot, partly because it works well with a lottery strategy related to my Australian lotto 6-45 game.  I play 9 sets of 10 numbers – 90 numbers in total.  I also play all 45 numbers twice – again, 90 numbers in total.  So, I know that my 9 sets of 10 numbers will produce 16 winning numbers, spread over 9 sets (Australian lotto draws 6 main balls plus two bonus balls).

But, this strategy works well with most lotteries.  Suppose you play a 6-49 lottery.  Five sets of 10 covers all 49 balls plus one a second time.  For a 40 ball lottery, it is brilliant.  No matter how many balls there are in your lottery, you can apply this lottery strategy, just use your imagination.

Of course, these lottery strategies do not work if you have to play full lotto system 10’s at 210 games each.  So – How Many Games In Your Free Lotto system 10?

Your Free Lotto system 10 requires just 10 games!

Even better, it gives Multiple Guarantees.

The basic strategy is to play your 10 lotto numbers as 5 pairs.  To get full coverage of 3 pairs from 5 pairs requires 10 different combinations – We give you these in an easy to use Template.  Using your numbers in this free lotto system 10 is as simple as copy your numbers down into blank boxes.

Now, let us consider what happens if you only get 4 or 5 winning lotto numbers.

Because we combine the 5 pairs in every possible way, if you have 4 winning lotto numbers then as long as they are in 2 or 3 pairs, they will be together.  If you have 5 winning lotto numbers, they must be contained within 3 pairs for them to come together.

The fact that just 10 of the 210 games in a full lotto system 10 can produce such great results makes this an amazing cut price lottery system 10.

Again, there are very cost effective ways to expand this 10-game free lotto system 10.

Your free lotto system 10 in 10 games already guarantees 4-from-6.  The first step up is get a guarantee of 5-from-6; this expands the original 10 games to just 18 games (less than 10% of the 210 games required for a full lotto system 10).

The next step is to expand the games so that your cut-price lotto system 10 also covers 4-from-4, in addition to the above guarantees – this requires just 24 games.

The only other “improvement” is to expand the games to ensure that if we have 5 numbers, then they will all be together – a 5-from-5 system.  However, since this takes 63 games, I prefer to play multiples of the other systems.

Click here for Pro Lotto System 10

Enjoy your Free Lotto System 10!

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Pro Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers

Options for Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers

For most “casual” lotto players, the free lotto system for 10 numbers in 10 games is more than enough – 10 games fits their budget nicely, and delivers a good guarantee.

Lotto Groups / Syndicates or the more serious lotto player often ask me for “add-ons” to the Free Lotto System 10 that expand the guarantee.

To avoid continually responding one on one, I have now created the Pro version of Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers.

This starts with the basic Free Lotto System 10 you get when you Sign Up on this page, and then adds more games as it progressively moves through higher and higher levels of guarantee.

Starting with the Free Lotto System 10 games that Guarantee First Prize if you have 3 Pairs containing the 6 winning lotto numbers, a further 8 games are added to give you a second guarantee – at least 5 numbers together no matter where the 6 winning numbers are in your chosen 10.

So – Level 1: – Any 3 of 5 Pairs, in 10 games

Level 2:  Any 3 of 5 Pairs plus 5-from-6, in 18 games

Level 3 adds a further 6 games to give you this guarantee:
Any 3 of 5 Pairs plus 5-from-6 plus 4-from-4, in 24 games

Each additional level obviously improves your chances of winning lotto.

Finally we move on to the Granddaddy of Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers.

This involves playing 63 games to guarantee:
Any 3 of 5 Pairs plus 5-from-5 plus 6-from-7

While 63 games is a bit high for individual players, it is well within the reach of Lottery Clubs / Syndicates, and still saves 147 of the 210 games in a full Lotto System 10.

Finally, there are “Guidelines for Choosing Your 10 Numbers.”

If you already play the Free “Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers” entry, you do not have to start all over again – you just add the additional games required – See example below:

Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers

Your additional Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers simply continue to build on this modular structure.

And the price?  A ridiculous $10.  If you are a serious lotto player, this is chicken feed.  If you are a casual lotto player, the free Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers entry is probably all you need – BUT, if your lottery jackpots to a ridiculously high level it might be worth investing $10 to learn how to play at higher levels only at those times there is a massive jackpot.

I personally tailor my lotto investment to the Prize on offer – the cost of playing is the same and the odds of winning are the same, no matter what the size of the Lotto Jackpot.

To purchase the Pro version of Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers, simply click below.  You will go to Paypal where you can pay by credit card or from funds in your Paypal account if you have one.  Within 10 seconds of paying, you should be re-directed to a download page – this opens your book and you can then save it to anywhere on your computer.  Please be patient, if Paypal is real busy, it can be 20-30 seconds, but 10 is the norm.

Thank you for purchasing the Pro version of “Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers”

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Free lotto system 12

As you probably know, a lotto system 12 requires 924 games.

What you may not know are some of the alternatives to a full lotto system 12.

You may also know that I highly recommend playing as many numbers as possible.  For example, for a 49-ball lottery I suggest you play 4 different lotto system 12’s covering 48 of the 49 numbers.

If you use the full lotto system 12, that is 4 x 924 games, or 3,696 games in total.

You would be crazy to even try, even with a group entry.

The Lotto System 12 Alternative …

There is a variation on a lotto system 12 that I do not recall seeing anywhere else.  And yet it is dynamite!

You see, 12 numbers can be played as 4 Trios.  And there are only SIX different trios in any 12 numbers.  Not only that, but the way we arrange this six trios gives you a second guarantee – Your lotto system 12 ALSO guarantees that if you have 6 winning numbers, then 4, 5, or all 6 will be present in your 6 games.

The major benefit though is the First Prize Guarantee.

If any TWO of your FOUR Trios contain all 6 winning numbers, your lotto system 12 will deliver First Prize!

Now since there are only 6 ways to arrange the 4 trios, you can probably work it out for yourself.  Or you can take the easy option and sign up at the top right and we will send your lotto system 12 to your inbox and save you the trouble.

And we will give you the “Secret Sauce.”  You see, there are specific rules you need to follow in setting up your 4 trios – the fill-in-the-blanks Template we send you makes this child’s play.

lotto system 12

Image via Wikipedia

Now, back to the Multiple Entries.  If you can afford 12 games, you can play TWO lotto system 12’s; if you can afford 18 games, you can play THREE lotto system 12’s; and if you can afford 24 games, you can play FOUR  lotto system 12’s, covering up to 48 numbers.  I recommend you do this as a Family or Workplace entry and share the cost.

Thank you for checking out our Free lotto system 12 page – See also our entry for other lotto system 12’s you can buy.

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